Tropical Oak Social Development Centre (TROSDEC)

A social enterprise operating as a limited liability company. TROSDEC currently provides mechanisation services in land preparation for all crops (plough and harrow), ridging, planting for rice, and small scale harvesting (reaping) for rice, to small scale women, men and youth farmers that have difficulty accessing services. Founded in 2012, TOROSDEC is 10 years in 2022 with many valuable experiences. TROSDEC was created as a sustainability strategy informed by needs of our constituencies. Its formation was also an opportunity to have a secured entry by small scale women, men and youth producers into agribusiness.

TROSDEC is seeking partnerships to expand services to include planting for groundnut, soya and cowpea, harvesting for rice, groundnut, cowpea and soya. Other targetd services is grading and warehousing of these crops to improve market access for the producers.