The Tropical Oak Social Development Centre (TROSDEC), a social enterprise was initially incorporated as a company limited by guarantee in 2012 to provide agriculture mechanisation services, for a fee, to GTLC constituents that were experiencing challenges in timely access to services. GTLC had supported five (5) communities to develop business plans in the production, value added and marketing of rice, tomato and shea to inform collective business actions of producers and guide advocacy actions for support to enable successful implementation of the business plans. TROSDEC was created to bridge the gap between timely need and access for land preparation equipment, and to generate data and information to inform agribusiness and advocacy actions.

TROSDEC was later incorporated as a limited liability company in 2017. Very valuable experience and lessons has been cultivated in the 10 years of existence of TROSDEC. TROSDEC has operational experience in the Greater Accra, Eastern, Volta and Northern regions of Ghana, where it provided services to tomato, maize, and rice producers.  Currently located in the Upper West region of Ghana, TROSDEC is reorganising to be more effective and profitable in its mandate to secure timely agriculture mechanisation services to women, men and youth small scale producers with the mission to create better opportunity for small scel producers through the provision of timely and adequate agriculture and business support services that will increase productivity, market access, and create efficient value chains through working with the private sector, research institutions, government, and farmer organisations.

Together with GTLC's capacity to conduct inclusive market system facilitation and strengthening, TROSDEC provides a strong foothold in agribusiness.