The Ghana Trade and Livelihood Coalition (GTLC) is a policy advocacy and agribusiness development organisation. Our advocacy work is in Food and Nutrition Security (FNS), trade facilitation and inclusive food crop market system facilitation and strengthening, Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB), and financial inclusion. Our agribusiness work is grounded in the skill and competency gathered over a period of eight (8) years in facilitating and strengthening inclusive market systems in rice, tomato and shea. We have also deepened the agribusines experience through a social enterprise known as Tropical Oak Soial Development Centre (TROSDEC) that is providing mechanisation and market services to small scale women, men and youth producers and currently working to expand services along the value chain.

GTLC was founded in 2004 and formally incorporated in 2006 through funding from Christian Aid UK and Oxfam GB. Its formation was informed by the need to grow a vibrant trade and agricultural campaign in Ghana that will be led by small scale women and men producers. GTLC has therefore being at the forefront of campaigns in the last 15 years influencing trade and agriculture policy implementation to the benefit of small scale producers and agroindustry. GTLC has contributed to vibrant small scale producer advocacy capacities in Ghana. Our history includes work on national, ECOWAS and Pan African campaigns in trade facilitation, agriculture and nutrition.

With changing campaign priorities, funding patterns and lessons learnt, GTLC has evolved into an evidence-based gender responsive trade and agriculture campaign organisation with a wide and deep rooted network of small-scale women. men and youth constituency within farmers organisations, community based organisations and NGOs across Ghana.