Donor Partners

OXFAM: Oxfam supported the formation of GTLC and has since been a partner in project implementation. GTLC is currently partnering Oxfam in the GROW Campaign. GTLC acquired critical skill sets and competencies in the partnership with Oxfam
NOVIB: NOVIB supported and promoted work in agriculture and trade complementarities within ECOWAS for national development.. Tomato trade between Ghana and Burkina Faso was the entry point.. The APPB reports and ABI are products of NOVIB partnership
CHRISTIAN AID: Christian Aid supported the formation and development of GTLC until its withdrawal from Ghana. The partnership positioned GTLC as a credible advocacy organisation and enabled the PME and Inclusive market system capacities
BUSAC FUND: Supported GTLC in 2019 to conduct inclusive market system strengthening in five districts. Women groups into rice processing, shea butter production were beneficiaries of this intervention. GTLC was issued with a certificate of completion
SNV: GTLC collaborated with SNV in shea advocacy and substantively partnered SNV in the Voice for Change Partnership (V4CP) . V4CP supported GTLC to increase staff and institutional capacities to deliver evidence based advocacy in food and nutrition
STAR GHANA: GTLC was offered a grant to strengthen its governance structure and systems. A board manual and strategic plan were developed as part of the process.
USAID APSP: In collaboration with Integrated Management Consult (IMC), GTLC provided human and institutional capacity training to non-state actors involved in the agricultural policy process. Training was conducted for northern and southern zones