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GTLC partnered SNV in the five year (2016-2020) Voice for Change Partnership (V4CP) campaign in the Food and Nutrition Security (PNS) thematic area. It involved working with IFPRI to generate evidence that was used to influence FNS policy and budget implementation in local and national government. GTLC facilitated the formation of the Upper West Post Harvest Management Platform with the mission to create an avenue for knowledge sharing and to offer solutions to the challenge of post harvest loss through coordination, cooperation and partnership towards reduction in duplication of efforts in addressing PHL in the Upper West region. GTLC currently serves as the secretariat to the platform. This study was conducted by GTLC to inform about the state of PHL in the Upper West region with Wa West District as a case study. The study was presented at the Upper West Joint Sector Review Meeting in Wa.

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The 2019 Agro Policy Performance Barometer (APPB) report is part of a series of reports conducted by GTLC since 2012 to provide assessments of agriculture policy implementation in the reference year. The style adopted by GTLC in this report includes presentation through the combined use of graphs, tables and infographics. It is our conviction that the new style will make the report more accessible and understandable to many.

The APPB report series has since 2013 progressively improved gender sensitive data collection and report compilation. In our quest to inform and influence implementation of Gender Responsive Budgeting in the local and national budget in Ghana, this report provides gender sensitive data and information to inform discourse in this regard.  

The 2022 APPB report was conducted in six districts.

2022-2024 Strategic Plan Summary

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