Annual Reports

In response to the new strategy of GTLC, the annual report section starts with 2022. Interested partners may make contact for further information where needed. The 2022 report presents activites conducted towards influencing the adoption and implementation of Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB) in the local and national government budget processes. It provides summary information on the interactions and consultations with the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection. Other institutions consulted include the National Development Planning Commission and the Local Government Service. A case was made for the complementary implementation of Gender Responsive Budgeting in the current Programme Based Budgeting (PBB). A presentation and policy backgrounder could be accessed on this website for further information.

Unfortunately, as a result of lack of funding support for it, GTLC has not been able to publish its Agro Policy Performance Barometer report since 2021 to inform the GRB discourse. The APPB report provides gender disaggregated data and information on agriculture policy implementation. Our inclusive market system analysis supports this endeavour.

GTLC is interested in establishing partnerships in support of inclusive market system analysis and APPB in order to make a more informed case for GRB implementation in PBB.

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