Tropical Oak Development Centre Ltd.

The Tropical Oak Social Development Centre (TROSDEC) responds to GOAL 2 of GTLC. It was created in 2012 to support implementation of business plans GTLC and producers had developed in the production, processing and marketing of rice, tomato and shea in six communities across Ghana. It initally registered as as a company limited By guarantee which provided plough and harrow mechanisation services to tomato producers in the Kasseh Ada catchment area and rice producers in Jana catchment-Savelugu Nanton, and rice threshing service to Ohiamadwen rice producers and later at the Ashaiman irrigation. The philosophy of TROSDEC at this stage of its operation was to support producers to access all needed inputs to raise productivity. For this reason farmers were to pay 30 percent of cost of service before it is provided and 70 percent of the cost after marketing of produce. For various documented reasons, producers did not pay all the outstanding funds and that resulted in heavy losses for TROSDEC in the first two years of operations. 

The experience of the first five years informed the decision of management and board to re-incorporate the organisation as a limited liability company in 2017. TROSDEC further expanded service to include rice planting and reaping (harvesting) and relocated to the Wa municipal to take advantage of AfD investmenst in the Polay rice valleys and adjoining rice valleys of about 600 acres in total.

Agriculture farm equipment may deterioriate relatively faster due to unenginneered terrrain (with stumps, roots, rocks hiding just under the surface), poor operator/driver training, and lack of qualified service centres and mechanics for minor and major repairs. One other variable is the poor quality of fuels acquired and used while on the field  It means that the machines and equipment required major servicing after five years which was readily done. It was however not well done initially in Accra and later in Wa resulting in regular braekdowns and inability to provide regular service. To overcome some of these challenges TROSDEC applied for training opportunity for four staff that was offered by the Agriculture Mechansation Services Directorate of the Ministry of Food and Agrilcuture. TROSDEC is a very capable and resilient organisation as a result of these experiences. 

Despite these challenges, TROSDEC has made progress in generating excellent information, competence and understanding of the business of providing mechanisation services. Our experience informed the development of operational plans that anticipate the challenges and makes provision to minimise or eliminate them. Curerently operating as a social enterprise, TROSDEC has a huge market to cover and has the experience and tools to conduct profitable business. Our business philosophy means that we go to extents to serve the underserved for full cost of service and also support them in the beneficial participation in the market systems in which they operate and in agribusiness. Our current target is women, men and youth in the production and marketing of rice, yellow maize, groundnut, cowpea and soya. 

Together with the mobilisation skills of our parent organisation, TROSDEC is ready to enter into a contractual agreement to supply quality produce of any or all of the mentioned produce

TROSDEC is supported by a business plan and annual operational plan with set annual targets (who, where, quantity) for available services.

TROSDEC is open for business and available for MUTUAL PARTNERSHIP and GROWTH through GRANTS, DEBT, and EQUITY.